10 types of TCT router bits for CNC

TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) router bits are widely used in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing applications for their durability, heat resistance, and cutting performance. These router bits are designed to be used with CNC machines and are available in various shapes and sizes to suit different cutting tasks. Here are some common types of TCT router bits used in CNC applications:

1. Straight Router Bits: Straight router bits have a uniform diameter and cutting edge. They are used for straight cuts, grooving, dadoing, and edge trimming. Straight bits are versatile and available in various sizes to accommodate different cutting depths and widths.

2. Spiral Router Bits: Spiral bits have a spiral cutting edge that allows for efficient chip removal and reduced heat build-up. They are often used for plunge cutting, mortising, and creating deep grooves. Spiral bits are available in various cutting diameters and flute configurations.

3. Flush Trim Router Bits: Flush trim bits have a bearing on the tip that follows the edge of a template or existing workpiece. They are ideal for flush trimming laminates, veneers, and pattern or template routing. Flush trim bits come in different lengths and cutting diameters.

4. Chamfer Router Bits: Chamfer bits create angled edges or bevels on the workpiece. They are commonly used for decorative purposes, such as creating chamfers on tabletops, edges of cabinet doors, or picture frames. Chamfer bits are available in various angles and cutting diameters.

5. Cove Router Bits: Cove bits are used to create concave profiles or decorative grooves on the workpiece. They are often used for adding decorative edges to furniture, moldings, and trim work. Cove bits come in different sizes to produce various cove depths and widths.

TCT Upcut Straight Router Bit

6. Roundover Router Bits: Roundover bits are used to create rounded edges or profiles on the workpiece. They are commonly used for softening sharp edges, creating decorative edges on furniture, or easing the edges of tabletops and countertops. Roundover bits come in different radii to achieve different rounding effects.

7. V-Groove Router Bits: V-groove bits create V-shaped grooves on the workpiece. They are commonly used for sign making, lettering, or decorative detailing. V-groove bits are available in different angles and widths to achieve various groove sizes and depths.

8. Dovetail Router Bits: Dovetail bits are used for creating dovetail joints, which are strong and aesthetically pleasing joints commonly used in woodworking. They come in various angles and sizes to produce different dovetail profiles.

9. Raised Panel Router Bits: Raised panel bits are designed to create raised panels for cabinet doors or other paneling applications. They have a large diameter and produce a decorative profile on the edges of the panel. Raised panel bits come in different styles, such as ogee, cove, or bevel profiles.

10. Profile Router Bits: Profile bits are designed to create complex profiles and decorative moldings on the workpiece. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to achieve various intricate designs.

These are just a few examples of the TCT router bits commonly used in CNC applications. It's important to choose the appropriate bit based on the specific cutting task, material being cut, and desired result. Additionally, proper tool selection, feed rates, and cutting parameters should be considered to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the router bits.

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